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As a part of your member benefits, SDAR produces a monthly newsletter called the San Diego REALTOR®. Every month we strive to bring you the a latest events, news, and information.

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REALTOR® Publication 2017 Past Issues

January 2017 (PDF) January 2017 (Online Version)
February 2017 (PDF) February 2017 (Online Version)
March 2017 (PDF) March 2017 (Online Version)
April 2017 (PDF) April 2017 (Online Version)
May 2017 (PDF) May 2017 (Online Version)
June 2017 (PDF) June 2017 (Online Version)
July 2017 (PDF) July 2017 (Online Version)
August 2017 (PDF) August 2017 (Online Version)

REALTOR® Publication 2016 Past Issues

January 2016 (PDF) January 2016 (Online Version)
February 2016 (PDF) February 2016 (Online Version)
March 2016 (PDF) March 2016 (Online Version)
April 2016 (PDF) April 2016 (Online Version)
May 2016 (PDF) May 2016 (Online Version)
June 2016 (PDF) June 2016 (Online Version)
July 2016 (PDF) July 2016 (Online Version)
August 2016 (PDF) August 2016 (Online Version)
September 2016 (PDF) September 2016 (Online Version)
October 2016 (PDF) October 2016 (Online Version)
November 2016 (PDF) November 2016 (Online Version)
December 2016 (PDF) December 2016 (Online Version)

REALTOR® Publication 2015

January 2015 (PDF) April 2015 (PDF)
February 2015 (PDF) May 2015 (PDF)
March 2015 (PDF) June 2015 (PDF)